The Akashic Musings Podcast

The Akashic Musings Podcast

Hosted by: Emerge Healing and Wellness, Laura Mazzotta

Welcome to the Akashic Musings Podcast. My name is Laura Mazzotta and I will be your guide during this sacred experience. I am a Spiritual Therapist of 20 years and a Holistic Mental Health Coach. This...

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Ep. 39: How to Open The Akashic Records

Episode #39

Join me to learn how to open your own Akashic Record and receive a potent download of wisdom, love, and guidance from the Records! If you’d like to access this practice via video, please click HERE to view it on my...
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Ep. 38: Therapists: Vital info re: Subconscious Vicarious Trauma

Episode #38

This episode starts with the story of The Little Red Riding Hood, and ends with vital tips and wisdom for preventing vicarious trauma as a helping professional. I encourage everyone in the helping profession to listen...
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Ep. 37: Finding Your Own Path to God

Episode #37

Welcome to this special episode featuring my mom! Join this mother-daughter conversation to discuss The Akashic Records, organized religion, paths to spirituality, and how to determine what’s right for you.  Follow me...
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Ep. 36: Meditation for Expanding Time

Episode #36

“I don’t have time!” “I’m so busy!” “I can do that when I have time.” As humans, we all fall prey to the confines of time, but time is simply a human creation to understand the inner workings of the Universe. We do...
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Ep. 35: Religious Trauma: You Are God.

Episode #35

Many of us carry trauma stories around our upbringing in religious institutions. The bottom line is: Religion was created by humans. God is at the center of it all and cultivating this mutual relationship between you...
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Ep. 34: Why You’re Not Asking for Help

Episode #34

In this episode, I discuss both sides of the coin with not asking for help. Whether you have trouble asking for help or you’re on the receiving end of a loved one who has trouble asking for help, this episode contains...
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Ep. 33: Healing the Trauma Accompanying Chronic Illness (Mental or Physical)

Episode #33

The trauma responses that arise within chronic illness are unique. Listen in as I share my story and a few tips to shift these responses, so they arise with lower intensity and occur fewer and further between. Your...
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Ep. 32: The Key to Preventing Recurrent Anxiety

Episode #32

Whether you’re re-experiencing traumatic memories or experiencing recurrent anxiety, have a listen for tools you can use to prevent these from continuing as often or intensely. The goal of this episode is not to cure...
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Ep. 31: How to Know if You’re Carrying Insidious Trauma

Episode #31

We all have touch points with trauma over the course of our lifetimes, whether it’s the death of a loved one, an illness, or just getting stung by a bee. Our nervous systems encode trauma when our minds don’t even...
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Ep. 30: Heal Anxious & Avoidant Attachment

Episode #30

Learn how attachment styles with your caregivers influence your attachment to God, and how you can heal anxious and avoidant attachment so you feel safe and empowered.   Read more about the Sacred Integration...
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Ep. 29: Dissecting & Eradicating Imposter Syndrome

Episode #29

There are so many depths to this persistent issue for spiritual entrepreneurs. Have a listen to learn all the layers that present, a visualization, and tools to guide you on the path to eradicating imposter...
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Ep. 28: Guilt. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Episode #28

Guilt is quite insidious and not warranted 99.9% of the time. Learn the true root of guilt and how to move forward with alleviating yourself from this habitual emotion. Check out my new ebook HERE to step into your...
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