The Akashic Musings Podcast

The Akashic Musings Podcast

Hosted by: Emerge Healing and Wellness, Laura Mazzotta

Welcome to the Akashic Musings Podcast. My name is Laura Mazzotta and I will be your guide during this sacred experience. I am an Akashic Healer and teacher, and have also been a therapist for almost 20...

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Ep. 46: How to Make the Subconscious Conscious

Make your subconscious conscious so you don’t: 1) sabotage relationships or sacrifice intimacy with others 2) remain disconnected from your true self (which offers clarity, ease, freedom, & confidence). Be...
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Ep. 45: Reason #862 to Detach from the Outcome

The human mind attaches to literally everything! This creates so much self-sabotage and frustration in humans. Listen to this episode for real-time examples as to how you can shift this and step into more trust,...
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Ep. 44: So…Confidence is all BS

Stop playing the game of cat and mouse with your ego to arrive at the level of confidence you think you desire. It’s not about you. It’s not about us. Listen in for tips on accessing the most sustainable form of...
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Ep. 43: Clearing Doubt

Receive these words to soothe your soul and shift your vibration from doubt to reverence, trust, and self-love. You are deeply loved by the Universe at all times. Give yourself the gift of listening, and possibly even...
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Ep. 42: The Shit That’s Currently Chapping My Ass 😂

The things that get under your skin are the things you get to advocate for. If you feel like shit, how about advocating for prevention, self-awareness, and clearing of trauma…rather than being hard on yourself for...
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Ep. 41: Following Desire: Do We Have it All Wrong?

I talk about going for your desires all the fucking time. But maybe we have it all wrong. There’s a big difference between your desires of your soul which are literally tugging you forward to fulfill your soul‘s...
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Ep. 40: Motherhood & Lightwork

Episode #40

I get a little feisty in this episode lol. Clearly, I have some passion around this topic of which I wasn’t even aware! Thanks for receiving this so I could heighten my own awareness! So, this episode talks all about...
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Ep. 39: How to Open The Akashic Records

Episode #39

Join me to learn how to open your own Akashic Record and receive a potent download of wisdom, love, and guidance from the Records! If you’d like to access this practice via video, please click HERE to view it on my...
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Ep. 38: Therapists: Vital info re: Subconscious Vicarious Trauma

Episode #38

This episode starts with the story of The Little Red Riding Hood, and ends with vital tips and wisdom for preventing vicarious trauma as a helping professional. I encourage everyone in the helping profession to listen...
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Ep. 37: Finding Your Own Path to God

Episode #37

Welcome to this special episode featuring my mom! Join this mother-daughter conversation to discuss The Akashic Records, organized religion, paths to spirituality, and how to determine what’s right for you.  Follow me...
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Ep. 36: Meditation for Expanding Time

Episode #36

“I don’t have time!” “I’m so busy!” “I can do that when I have time.” As humans, we all fall prey to the confines of time, but time is simply a human creation to understand the inner workings of the Universe. We do...
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Ep. 35: Religious Trauma: You Are God.

Episode #35

Many of us carry trauma stories around our upbringing in religious institutions. The bottom line is: Religion was created by humans. God is at the center of it all and cultivating this mutual relationship between you...
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