Ep. 68: The Term Mental Health No Longer Resonates: Part 3 - Why a Relationship with Your Soul is Paramount

Part 3 - Why A Relationship with Your Soul is Paramount


Your soul chose this particular human lifetime for a reason. Your soul desired the life you life, even if it’s felt difficult. 


Going straight to the soul is a one stop shop because it fuels everything else, all layers of you. Just like in Ep. 67 where we talked about getting to know your unique energy, all of this energy actually originates, and is programmed by, your soul. 


The healthiest, most stable (& brilliant) people I’ve ever met have had the most beautiful unwavering relationship with their soul/Spirit/Higher Self. 


In the mental health world, spirituality is most often looked at from more of a cultural and contextual perspective rather than an intrinsic intimate relationship. 


Listen into the episode to understand this concept, how you can begin to foster spiritual connection and, as I said in Ep. 66 (the first episode in this series), realize there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are precious just the way you are.


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