Ep. 62: How to Sustain Consistency in Your Spiritual & Self-Love Practices

This is one of the biggest complaints I see on the self-development path. “I can’t stick with my practices!” “I don’t have time!” “I am so irritated with myself because I keep falling off the wagon.” “I know this helps me and is so good for me but I just can’t seem to internalize this and make it automatic.” Take it from this super intuitive, neurodivergent, multi passionate therapist of 20 years: You can do this. I PROMISE. I struggled with this myself and it’s been a beautiful journey of cultivating a natural practice of connection and ease. When you maintain consistency (however you define it) in your practices, you create a solid foundation for yourself and those around you. It’s one of the most self-loving things you can do and you learn a ton about yourself in the process. And we all know self intimacy is the bees knees, that gets you right to where you wanna be. So listen to this episode to learn how to define consistency for yourself, get out of your own way, and sink deeper into what’s naturally meant to unfold.


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