Ep. 60: The ONLY Thing You Need on Your Self-Development Journey

There’s so much talk about clearing limiting beliefs, rewiring the subconscious mind, and finding our soul’s purpose. These are all phenomenal tools and I teach them all. However, people get so overwhelmed and scattered thinking about whether they’re doing things right, going in the right direction, or following the path that’s meant for them. It’s confusing! Humans have created so many modalities and put so many labels on things. But that’s all they are: Human. Words. Find out what’s most important to simplify this journey, really personalize it for you, and take your full power back without the need for 800 courses, modalities, coaches, healers, and therapists. Yes, there’s a place for these fabulous humans (I’m one of them lol) but they’re simply guides to support your naturally unfolding journey.


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