Ep. 74: Attachment: Relevant or Irrelevant?

Attachment: Relevant or Irrelevant?


We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that human relationships, especially intimate ones, are the catalyst for your soul’s deepest embodiment in human form.


We have learned a ton from all walks of relationships in our lives, including the one we share as soul sisters and close friends, and we want to share the brilliant wisdom with you!


In this 8-part series, we will cover everything from attachment to codependency to sovereignty to sexuality and so much more!


Regardless of where you find yourself in intimate relationship, or other relationships in your life, there is always room for deepening surrender, acceptance, and detachment to activate greater freedom and self-actualization (for everyone involved).


Allow us to guide you into mastery of your role in relationships, your relationship with yourself, and most importantly, your relationship with your soul.


In this episode, we talk about:


    •  The different styles of attachment and how these present in the nervous system 
    •  How these styles can be helpful guides (for yourself and in relationship) without locking you into another label/box
    •  Surrendering the need for others to require us (and for us to require them)
    •  Bringing loving communication into the space between (in your connections with others)
    •  The void space, when you feel like you’re lost in the sauce and nothing you desire is happening, yet there’s also this opportunity to be in presence with the energy of yourself and others that is deeply serving. This friction creates pressure and what does pressure create? Diamonds (and other beautiful crystals which we cannot comprehensively name here 😂)!


Stay tuned for the next 4 episodes in this series, posting here every Tuesday on The Akashic Musings Podcast!


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