The Akashic Musings Podcast

The Akashic Musings Podcast

Hosted by: Emerge Healing and Wellness, Laura Mazzotta

Welcome to the Akashic Musings Podcast. My name is Laura Mazzotta and I will be your guide during this sacred experience. I am a Spiritual Therapist of 20 years and a Holistic Mental Health Coach. This...

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Ep. 31: How to Know if You’re Carrying Insidious Trauma

Episode #31

We all have touch points with trauma over the course of our lifetimes, whether it’s the death of a loved one, an illness, or just getting stung by a bee. Our nervous systems encode trauma when our minds don’t even...
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Ep. 30: Heal Anxious & Avoidant Attachment

Episode #30

Learn how attachment styles with your caregivers influence your attachment to God, and how you can heal anxious and avoidant attachment so you feel safe and empowered.   Read more about the Sacred Integration...
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Ep. 29: Dissecting & Eradicating Imposter Syndrome

Episode #29

There are so many depths to this persistent issue for spiritual entrepreneurs. Have a listen to learn all the layers that present, a visualization, and tools to guide you on the path to eradicating imposter...
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Ep. 28: Guilt. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Episode #28

Guilt is quite insidious and not warranted 99.9% of the time. Learn the true root of guilt and how to move forward with alleviating yourself from this habitual emotion. Check out my new ebook HERE to step into your...
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Ep. 27: Honesty is a privilege…and also super brave.

Episode #27

Join me for an honest discussion about honesty, what underlies deep honesty, and how to stand in your power when you are tempted to side-step conversations or situations that would naturally guide you to stretch the...
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Ep. 26: Are You a Healing Addict?

Episode #26

Don’t you get sick of healing ALL the time? This can really work to our detriment and, in this episode, I’m sharing where to dive into healing or empowerment based on where you are in your journey. Feel free to...
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Ep. 25: How to Know You Have a Trauma Bond with God

Episode #25

It’s so common to carry a trauma bond with God and the first step is awareness. Listen to this podcast to see if you resonate and grab some tips for starting to heal this vital and foundational connection! Join us in...
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Ep. 24: Beeline Straight into Confidence

Episode #24

Learn key tips for your human, subconscious, and soul to step into your highest level of confidence! Link to the FREE Thrive with Confidence Masterclass: ✨Want even more connection with Laura Mazzotta?...
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Ep. 23: How to Start Your Spiritual Business

Episode #23

Yay! You’re considering starting a spiritual business! Woo hoo! This guidance is primarily for those starting an online business but you can translate much of it to in person businesses as well. Basically, start...
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Ep. 22: Why Does Trauma-Informed Care Even Matter?

Episode #22

Most healthcare providers, coaches, and healers think they are trauma-informed because they’re heart-centered, their intentions are good, and they “hold a safe space” for others. This is wonderful but it isn’t enough....
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Ep. 21: Spirit High

Episode #21

Featuring Cassidy Anne, a special guest who chats with me about the difference between traditional therapy and energetic & spiritual healing, particularly as an adolescent. In this episode, we chat about the...
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Ep. 20: An Energetic Practice to FEEL Your Power

Episode #20

This is a taste of the enormity of the power you hold within you. Our minds get so intimidated by owning our power but our soul craves its expansion. Take this opportunity to start feeling into your power so you can...
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