The Formula for Lasting Self-Love

Sep 21, 2023

Sometimes what God brings around the corner is not exactly what you’d like to see.

Your initial response is “WTF? This is not what I had in mind.” And then you remember…

When you receive the call to grow and expand into the highest form of yourself, you’re deciding to be guided by an intelligence much higher than yours alone.

You’re also deciding to fully accept the emotions, experiences, relationships, health, wealth, and belief systems that God has designed specifically for you.

We were placed on Earth to experience it all, and to learn how God delivers new opportunities so we will listen and commit our full presence.

Why? God wants you to fall madly in love with who you are. We aren’t just talking self-acceptance or self-appreciation. We are talking MADLY. IN. LOVE.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Here’s how.ūüĎá

The formula for lasting self-love:

  1. Come into full presence, awareness, and acceptance of the present moment. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be. No one and nothing is “wrong” here. Let yourself feel whatever is coming up to be felt. Move your body to release any energy that’s complete in this moment.
  2. Appreciate what you’ve been gifted (no matter how much your mind judges it). This includes your desires (no matter how “outlandish”). Desires are how God communicates purpose to us. It’s that fire in your belly you’ve been itching to unleash.
  3. Commit. Meaning DECIDE. Take full ownership of following your desires. Choose to be so devoted to your vision that you keep choosing it no matter what “roadblocks” arise. The magic you’ve been invited to actualize is uniquely yours and meant to catalyze everyone around you. If you don’t know your vision or specific desires, connect to the energy of it first, and what it feels like in your body when you intentionally connect to it.
  4. Dip your toe in (or jump if you’re feelin’ solid). Move toward it in some way, even if it’s just moving your body and switching up the pattern. This can mean saying the thing you’ve been holding back or starting to research that dream you keep kicking down the road (that you know would make you the happiest human).
  5. Rest in your own presence. Rest in the presence of the Divine. Allow all of this to be integrated in its own time. Feel into deep gratitude of this moment.
  6. Trust the highest outcome will unfold. It will. Because you’ve chosen. You’ve moved. And you will keep choosing again and again, to co-create with the divine intelligence placed in your heart.

This lifetime is an exercise of recommitment to our divinity. It’s like renewing your vows with the divine over and over again as experiences arise.

All of your experiences, emotions, and relationships lead you there, but we often have trouble seeing all that’s brewing on our own. I’m a master at cutting through all the noise and seeing exactly what’s knocking at your door, and I teach you to do the same.

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