Are you ready to know exactly what you want (without outside influence), fully accept who you uniquely are, & master your intuition, relationships, and self-leadership (aka confidence)?
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It doesn’t matter how you feel right now. Everything is energy and inviting you to look deeper, open to more flow, gain intimacy with yourself and your purpose, and secure a mutual relationship with your body, energy, and soul.


You don't have to "manage" anything, whether it's your home, kids, relationship, career, or self. When you approach life like a project you end up burying the shit that's in the way, instead of hitting it head-on, because it feels like such a giant undertaking. 


The fact is, once you allow yourself space and time, and understand what makes you feel your best, staying true to that at every turn, you show up even when you’re not at your best & realize how much power you have.


Once you’ve detangled the human drama, you create more space and are no longer backing away from what’s meant for you. You’ll be shocked at how much time and space you have when you don’t have the stress of fighting this human battle anymore.


You can let go of negativity, guilt, perfectionism, reactivity, judgment, inner & outer noise, uncertainty, and all the random shit you’re doing because you feel you “should” or are “supposed to do” to be a “good human.” You can even release the old stories, of your own or within your ancestry!


You feel much more relaxed & quiet, so your mind starts to think about ways to take care of you rather than beat yourself up. You’re also more decisive because you have greater insight and mental clarity as you deepen trust in your own stillness.


This provides the foundation to witness and release what comes at you from other relationships, letting you settle with them at a different level of consciousness, so you don’t take everything personally or absorb it all as your own. You’re less pissy and short with others, and no longer desire to tell them to fuck off or how to fix what they’re doing “wrong.” You have full personal agency & responsibility for your reality.


As a result, your relationships return to the connection like when you first got together, so full of love and natural attraction…because you’re open to receiving, fully & unapologetically, and use your voice with bolder confidence & clarity!


Even the tiniest micro shifts in awareness create instant change in your body, mind, and relationships because you’re so intimately connected to the core of who you are. This allows you to make instant decisions from the space of your Higher Self so you’re fully confident in who you’ve become and where you’re going.


This level of spiritual expansion and emotional growth results in tremendous improvements in your personal life and the quality of your career, making life more easeful, effortless, and abundant.


If you would rather watch a 20 Minute video about VITALITY you can click HERE!


A Personal Note from Laura & Recent Upgrades
"I'm so so grateful for your guidance and support in my healing journey...all the things you helped guide me honor this time as sacred, that slowing down & being still is healing, the deeper healing that needed to take place outside my physical symptoms, that I am completely supported by my loved ones, angels and guides which brings me so much peace, to continue to have faith, that healing is not linear, that I need to feel joy and have fun along the way..that I will be okay and there's a more incredible joyous life ahead I know that because of YOU I will continue to move forward. You are a gift, Laura. Working with you saved me. I am so incredibly grateful for you.” ~ Donna
“Wow!!! Laura Knapp Mazzotta!!! That was wild!!! In all my years of personal growth and development I have never expressed in words what came out today. I am blown away by the session. I definitely need to re-watch and let it keep sinking in. Love OMG with a passion. ” - Anonymous
Pay In Full Here! $1,111 (Beginning 9/28)
If you'd like a 6-month payment plan for $187/month, message Laura here to be enrolled in autopay and she will get you set up!
“There is so much to say about this awesome lady. Not only is she the kindest, most understanding person I have met, but she has the most beautiful energy and wisdom about her. Even just talking to her releases tension within my energy. Our session was amazing! She is a powerhouse full of information and is HIGHLY intuitive. She brings through SO much information and really guides you in a way where it is easy to understand. She makes sure to answer all questions/concerns you have and give you more than enough throughout your session to help you relax into a blissful mindstate. 20/10 recommend!” - Haylee L.

Let’s Recap: What Does it Actually Look Like to Be in This Program?


Program content is customized to the intentions of who is currently in the container. The content from round one is below for your reference. 


You Receive:

  • Three 20-minute 1:1s (plus an additional 30-minute 1:1 if you pay in full)
  • Four 60-minute group coaching calls 
  • Intuitive practices twice a week (M-F) during the 8 weeks together, guided by the energy arising in the group.
  • You will have continued access to the Facebook group after the 8 weeks, which will include all modules recorded during your time in VITALITY.
  • Client-only podcast 
  • You will also have access to the entire VITALITY vault which includes over 75 energetic and spiritual practices for your deepest healing & expansion.
  • The opportunity to be an affiliate of VITALITY, receiving $111 per person who pays in full to join the program through your link. 


"The impact you have made in my personal life has transformed me in so many ways!! The insight, expansion, and growth has been life changing!!! I feel so confident in not only who I am but where I am going. This connection doesn't end either!! I will always be here I feel we are sisters and I am eternally grateful to have you in my life. I will definitely miss the calls & this sacred space but I will continue with the intuitive practices until the end!!! xoxo"


VITALITY consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1 (the first 3 weeks):
  • Breath Work & Brief Meditation w Mantras
  • Theme of the day: RECEIVE & NOURISH!
  • Qi Gong to soothe, open space, awaken, energize, and fully integrate. Also includes alternate nostril breathing. 
  • Super Tapping for Anxiety!
  • Akashic Journey & Activation
  • Release what no longer serves, dissolve resistance, activate & integrate the energy of your higher self, and attune to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Akashic Astral Journey for identifying your soul's purpose, passion, and integration with your human!
  • Coming home to Self
  • Addressing the intentions of: Feel securely loved, easily coming back into alignment (after continuing to come back to chaos), self-trust, finding the answers in stillness, & presence & harmony 
  • Sound Healing, Chanting, & Journal Prompts! To open your field and energy for sinking into your heart space. Addressing the intentions of: Find answers in stillness, self-trust, prioritizing your energy, indecision, intuitive clarity, presence & harmony.
  • Full Moon Card Pulls & Readings!


Phase 2 (Week 4): 

Integration week with Q&A thread


Phase 3 (the last 4 weeks):
  • Ancestral Healing in The Akash

This practice encapsulates the following intentions: Using your voice with less concern about others, boundaries (& resentment from the lack of), prioritizing your energy vs others' or falling into drama, self-sacrifice. In this practice, we enter the Akash using the infinity breath & activate our DNA for deep healing & renewal.

  • Extracting Hidden Stories

A body-based journaling practice for uncovering key codes from the subconscious mind. This practice addresses the intentions of: Hidden stories about money & excuses for not doing practices or staying aligned; Self-sabotage

  • Proprioceptive Awareness

This practice is for deepening our connection to ourselves & the ability to feel and be with our own energy. It regulates the nervous system, fortifies boundaries of self, and weeds out what isn't in alignment so we prevent burnout and only devote to what makes our core selves grow & expand.

  • Masculine/Feminine Energy & Merkaba
  • Tapping on Annoyance/Being Annoyed

Whether you're feeling annoyed by an internal or external stimulus, this tapping will open your awareness to what it's telling you, how to move through, and deeper self-connection.

  • Highest Self Reference Guide & Sustainable Integration Guide (workbooks for concrete integration into day-to-day life)
  • Moment-to-Moment Presence Meditation

This one addresses returning to alignment, presence, self-acceptance & reliability, boundaries, and practicing and immersing in stillness.

  • Akashic Ancestral Timeline Healing

This is for any issue or repeating pattern showing up that you would like to shift at a deeper level, gain greater context for/understanding of, receive guidance on from your ancestral line (as it relates to the purpose of your lineage), and clarify your unique role moving forward when this arises.

  • Legs Up the Wall/Mantras

Helps with energy, discomfort in the body, lymph flow, headaches, & relaxing the mind.

  • F&ck this Sh!t Divine Feminine Integration (& empowerment practices)
  • Sassy, Sexy, Sovereignty

Lots of deep explorative journal prompts in this one. These will hit you to your core, baby. Using sexual energy to reflect the most vulnerable areas where we do not surrender and take personal responsibility. Time scarcity. 

  • I Will No Longer Manifest

How manifestation is total BS and the simple protocol to follow for your highest alignment to easefully receive exactly what’s meant for you. 


"Holy cow, you have been instrumental in so many ways! Your guidance has helped me make very important decisions that have improved the quality of my career and personal life tremendously. You have helped me come closer to understanding what makes me feel my best and stay true to that in every turn. There tiny decisions that result in excellent results. That may sound small, but it's HUGE. I appreciate you every day!!!"

“I have worked with Laura Mazzotta since I was a teenager and I truly don’t know where I would be without her. She is brilliant, compassionate, and has the deepest desire to truly help you from the inside out. She is so informed on multiple different topics and has a wealth of knowledge unlike any other. I love that Laura is willing to call me out when I need it but in the most loving way possible. I have seen her in both her traditional and spiritual practices, and I truly saw the shift in how potent her energy has become. She was phenomenal as a traditional therapist, but as a spiritual practitioner she is able to dive even deeper and truly heal the core issues. Her healing is long lasting and continues even without conscious awareness. I continue to become a kinder, stronger, wiser person every single day because of her. I can’t recommend Laura enough.” - Cassidy B. 
Pay In Full Here! $1,111 (Beginning 9/28)
If you'd like a 6-month payment plan for $187/month, message Laura here to be enrolled in autopay and she will get you set up!
A Personal Note from Laura & Recent Upgrades