Excitement Begets Actualization

Feb 14, 2023


Boredom is simply a reflection that you are not connected to the purpose, passion, and drive of your soul. You need to spend more time being guided by what lights up your spirit.


Your soul always has momentum. Sometimes it takes longer to access when you sit in stillness, depending on how activated your nervous system is, but I promise you it’s there and will absolutely show itself when you set the intention and open up space.


When your nervous system isn’t regulated, excitement can feel too activating, leading us to believe we don’t know our desires/passions, or have subconscious or conscious resistance to it.


This is not the case. Soothe and attend to your nervous system, and then tune into your soul’s guidance. It’s waiting for you.


The way I do this is by moving my body with Qi gong or intuitive movement, engaging very deep slow breaths, connecting to my heart, and sinking into deep meditative space (through chanting or The Akashic Records).


It’s there that your soul will speak clearly to you (even if it’s just through energy at first and you don’t hear, see, or feel anything).


When you allow your soul to consistently activate your human (in mind, body, or energy field), you will feel this as excitement & inspiration to take action.


This is the inspired action that places you on the path to actualizing your soul’s purpose in this lifetime (and you don’t have to know the end result btw).


Trust that following the excitement, no matter how big of a leap, will open the next level of excitement, and so on.


Excitement is the language of frequency communicated by your soul saying “Go this way! It’s lighter, freer, more easeful, & fun!”


By responding with inspired action, you’re communicating right back to your soul saying “I hear you. I trust you. I believe in you.”


This gorgeous connection between your human and spirit results in the actualization of your core authenticity. Who you TRULY are.


Baby steps. You don’t have to dive in full force. Celebrate when you do make this connection but give space to your nervous system as you acclimate to a more consistent frequency of liberation.


Everyone’s pace will be different.


This post was inspired by a channeled message in my VITALITY program. I love gaining a deeper understanding of the infinite and how it works through us.


Thanks for reading,


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