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In-Person Retreats

Fully immerse yourself in the deepest healing immersion possible. When you desire spiritual community, connection, intimacy, and the most potent healing in a short period of time retreats are your jam, baby!

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The Embrace Retreat

Allow us to embrace you as your natural self, guiding you to understanding, loving, and appreciating the depths of who you are, at every layer.

Imagine being in a peaceful location in the countryside, unplugged from electronics, away from the distractions of every day life, allowing you to be fully immersed in your deepest healing experience.

In EMBRACE, Daisy and I will guide you through pathways into the depths of your own soul, allowing you to excavate patterns that no longer serve you (and contribute to toxicity in your life), opening sacred space for limitless possibilities.

5/19/23 - 5/23/23 in Williamstown, MA

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Lions Gate Beach Retreat

I have space for 5-6 women interested in an immersive healing and spiritually expansive VIP weekend retreat in Bethany Beach, DE from 8/6-8/10/23. This retreat is themed around intimacy with yourself and others, SUSTAINABLY. We will be engaging in sound healing, past life regressions, soul retrieval, Qi Gong, sacred Divine Feminine rituals, beach meditations, and more. We also experience deeply integrative workshops around putting this all into play in day-to-day life, so this isn’t just a “that was a really nice weekend” retreat but an “I have never been the same since that weekend” retreat.

Allow yourself to feel pampered and deeply self-loving. You’re going to meet a completely new version of yourself in this experience, and leave feeling refreshed, revitalized, connected, empowered, and free. Everyone who attends will be certified in Akashic Reiki I and Akashic Reiki II, or re-attuned in Akashic Reiki at whatever level you’re already certified (if you desire). Those not interested in attunement will receive a blessing/personal Akashic reading.

8/6/23 - 8/10/23 in Bethany Beach, DE

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1:1 Coaching

Get a customized package to supercharge your results! 

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Check Out My Coaching Options Below!

Vibrational Assessment

This is the place to start your journey with me! This 15-20 Zoom call is for assessing where you currently are with your physical, mental, energetic, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Suggestions for next steps on your journey will be shared, so you can access your highest level of vitality, stability, happiness, energy, and abundance! FYI: Healing WILL occur on this call😂. You will also laugh & have some fun!

$50.00 USD
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Akashic Records Session

This is the session for you if you're ready for a serious deep dive into any area of your healing journey (trauma, emotional mastery, relationships, current path, physical symptoms, career trajectory, and/or limiting beliefs) or your healing/therapy business. The universe holds all the information from our souls: past, present, and future. You will receive messages about what's perfectly aligned for your unique transformation at this moment. Sessions are 30 minutes.

$197.00 USD
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Akashic Immersion (3 Session Package)

The overall intention for this intuitive coaching package is a higher level of self-acceptance and appreciation. There is nothing wrong with you or wherever you are on your journey. You are absolutely magnificent just as you are. I assist you with seeing that at the same time you pursue more ease, freedom, and joy in your life. You can choose one specific area (e.g., relationships, career, past trauma, intuitive expansion, cyclical patterns or emotions, etc) to deeply explore and gain mastery, or choose a different intention for each session. I will always recommend using this package for deeper exploration. You can also use this package for customized Akashic Records Immersion (to deepen your intuitive practice, learn how this energy works through you, and clarify messages coming through). Three 30-minute 1:1 sessions are included.

$555.00 USD
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Join my highest potency 1:1 & group program to fast-track your healing, expansion, & confidence!

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In This Program, You Will Achieve: 


SUSTAINABLE HEALING: Prevent repeating cycles of the same patterns you've felt stuck in for years by easily replicating the most aligned strategies for YOU, as soon as the mildest symptoms arise.


EMOTIONAL MASTERY: Gain control of your emotional experience and manage it yourself based on what works and feels good to you, so you don’t feel like a shit show who’s always all over the place.


SOVEREIGNTY/PERSONAL POWER: Become extremely clear on who you are and what you want, actualizing YOUR desires vs everyone else’s expectations. This is the full embodiment of CONFIDENCE.

Sacred Integration

For coaches, therapists & holistic practitioners that truly desire to be trauma-informed, so you can hold safety & empowerment for yourself and others without burning out!

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In This Program, You Will Achieve: 


NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION: Establish safety within your nervous system, and teach your clients & loved ones to do the same, so you can all hold onto your newfound groundedness, clarity, and solidarity.


EMBODIMENT OF GOD WITHIN YOU: Operate your business from a place of service and soul-aligned strategy by fully embodying God's unique vision for/within you. This is a key component to running your business with much greater ease & grace.


TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE CERTIFICATION: You get to scream from the rooftops that you confidently know how to hold anything that arises in the field of those around you, leaving you as the safest container for others to open and grow!

Join Holistic Mental Health Volume 2!

Become a part of the holistic mental health movement, get published in a collaborative book project, & share your unique medicine in the summit!

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Share Your Story & Educate Others on Alternative Methods to Healing!

It’s extremely rare to find a practitioner that deeply immerses in an in-depth exploration and awareness of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. This needs to change for 1) sustained recovery and 2) prevention (of mental and physical health issues). Connect intimately with your audience in this inspiring & collaborative project!

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