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I am in service of Spirit, first and foremost. However Spirit chooses to guide me or the client is in the Highest Good of all involved at that moment in time. The intention of these services is to assist people with accessing unconditional love and healing. Entering sessions with an open mind and heart, to receiving whatever Spirit brings through as an offering, will yield the most productive results. The highest reward will come when implementing Spirit’s suggestions, trusting the direction provided during sessions.



All information about you, including demographic information, that may identify you and relates to your past, present, or future physical or mental health/condition will be held confidential. However, I may recommend professional care if there is concern regarding your level of functioning. In case of an emergency, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room. If my schedule is heavily booked, I may not be able to return messages for up to 3 business days. Please be advised that the use of email, messaging and/or texting may pose a risk to confidentiality due to the potential for information exchange on the internet. If I receive an email, message or text that I do not feel comfortable replying to without threatening your confidentiality, I will respond via phone.

Akashic Records Certification

You’re here because you want to serve. You want more people to have access to the divine energy and changes you’ve seen in your own life and so many others.


Whether you have experience with The Akashic Records or not, any intuitively immersive practice will prepare you for this Akashic Mentorship Certification. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this space, how it will amplify and solidify your intuitive practice, and what’s included.


To read more about The Akashic Records, click HERE. 


To enter your Akashic Records and begin attuning to this space, watch this beginner's video HERE.


To begin clarifying how intuitive messages are received through you, click HERE to grab my Master Your Intuition Ebook.


Finally, if you’d like an introduction to my work and how to channel in The Akashic Records (or any other divine space), grab my Channeling Workshop HERE.


When you become well-versed in The Akashic Records, you are:


  1. Attuning to a higher dimensional frequency, bringing you closer to the vibration of your soul and its mission/purpose.
  2. Witnessing all aspects of you that have not been illuminated in a while, or maybe ever in this lifetime, bringing your human experience into full acceptance and cohesion.
  3. Getting to know yourself and your soul at a level of intimacy that is palpably felt and integrated into the body. Embodiment of your divinity is a very important and necessary part of the process.
  4. Tasting the power of co-creation with divine intelligence, accessing a level of creativity you didn’t know was within you (to this degree), opening you to sustainable awareness of infinite possibility.
  5. Tapping into the quantum field. The Akashic Records are a brilliant spiritual anchor point for the embodied soul, allowing more expansive navigation of cosmic energies, galactic beings and star systems, and the fertile blank space that exists in the infinite universe.
  6. Grounding into the origin point of your core essence, tethering you to your unique, deep, unwavering truth.
  7. Softening and opening the heart to receive, and serve with, the most enormous, immersive love you’ve ever experienced. 
  8. Actualizing your sovereignty as a divine being, surrendering to the invitation into divine service.


To master the ins and outs of The Akashic Records (and/or quantum field) so you have a full understanding of how they are meant to work in your life and/or business, a full immersion is the best route. My full immersions are now done on a 1:1 basis because everyone has a different type of connection, channeling style, and purpose in using this space. Customization of this energy is vital to sustainable confidence in intuitive work.


This certification is so much more than a “program.” It’s an investment in the highest version of yourself. It’s an opportunity to connect with and summon your personal power, personally and professionally. It’s inclusion in a movement toward the elevation of consciousness and collaboration with like-minded souls. 


Mastering your relationship with The Akashic Records is a game changer. It amplifies the impact and power of any healing modalities you’re already using and places them on serious steroids. Every client I have worked with who serves others with their spiritual gifts has seen huge shifts in the precision of their channeling.



Some of the things you will learn and expand working in The Akashic Records:


  •  All the Clair senses (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsalience, clairgustance, and clairtangency)
  •  Clearing “blocks” in the Records
  •  How to access the Records (the records of others, plants, animals, and objects) your own way
  •  How to receive messages in the way you’re uniquely meant
  •  How to conduct readings
  •  How to conduct Past life regressions
  •  How to conduct Current life regressions
  •  How to conduct Ancestral healing
  •  How to conduct Astral travel
  •  How to work with portals, vortexes, and the quantum field
  •  How to lead Forgiveness and Inner child work
  •  How to use a variety of spiritual tools in the Records (e.g., EFT/Tapping, sound tools, cards, runes, crystals, sage/palo santo, writing, chanting, the physical body, somatic practice, breath work, light, and more)
  •  How to download specific protocols and tools unique to each person
  •  And so much more! The list is truly infinite when we’re working with the infinite.


You will set intentions for each of your 1:1 calls with Laura based on the areas you’re feeling called to use this energy in your work (for yourself or others). Naturally, The Akash will bring through what feels most aligned for your unique path and their suggestions will be more potent than either of our intentions for your journey in this space. Nonetheless, your intention is the invitation for this energy to arrive and serve. 


Once you’re attuned to and fluent in The Akashic Records, your intuitive work (personal or professional) will:


  1. Be immensely efficient (your healing sessions will be so much shorter because you’ll see right into core issues with ease).
  2. Be fueled with so much clarity and specificity with intuitive downloads, including novel protocols for exactly what’s ready for integration.
  3. Make you feel like you’ve just immersed in a multidimensional healing chamber, leaving you supercharged and so inspired during and after sessions.
  4. Drastically enhance your vitality by opening yourself as an even more devoted channel for the universe, receiving the highest vibrational upgrades.
  5. Go much much deeper, resulting in sustainable change for yourself and every person you connect with.
  6. Expand exponentially, with creative ideas for your life &/or business, and closer relationships with your loved ones and clients. 



What’s Included:



Three 1 hour 1:1 sessions with Laura to maximize and customize your growth.



Full access to all Akashic Immersion Modules in Kajabi (from previous and current rounds).



Once you feel ready, you will have 3 months to complete your internship, which will be conducted on your own time and schedule (a list of sitters will be provided or you can contact your own friends, clients, and/or family). You will be required to offer 15-30 Akashic sessions to others (for free). This will secure comfort in doing readings for others and learning your unique niche. For 30 days during your practice readings, you will have access to messaging support via Voxer or WhatsApp to troubleshoot, refine, and clarify your process. 


After your internship is complete, you will conduct a 30-m Akashic Reading for your instructor, Laura Mazzotta. You will receive feedback to maximize the effectiveness of your practice. Areas of further growth and development may be suggested. Once Laura feels you’re proficient in doing readings, she will email your certificate!



If you have any questions simply message Laura HERE!


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