Why You’re Having Trouble Focusing

Feb 14, 2023


Of course you have trouble focusing! You live on this planet!


There are constant distractions, stimulation, and expectations that are placed on you for what you need to complete in order to feel whole.


This is now the time to listen to our bodies, emotions, and energy, allowing THEM to guide us in each moment.


So how do you do this if you have a 9–5, or other responsibilities and obligations you’ve committed to?


Introduce moments of attending to your energy. It could be a timer that goes off several times a day, even every hour:


Where am I right now? What do I need right now in this moment?


It doesn’t have to take long, like meditating or exercising for an hour or getting into a long conversation with a friend. It may just be a brief stretch, breath, snack, stepping outside, or just standing up and shifting positions.


This interrupts the pattern of having to do do do, go go go, and be be be for something other than yourself.


Your focus is shifting because your mind needs a break. Your mind says “I’ve been on. I’ve constantly had things thrown at me. I’m feeling pressure to get to a certain deadline or destination or sense of being. I don’t want that pressure anymore. I just want to breathe and relax and let go.”


So how can you honor this for yourself even in small moments throughout each day?


And yes I’ve got all the ADHD genes swirling around in me as well, plus a nice long history of OCD under my belt. These labels don’t mean anything.


Just get to know your unique energy and work with it. It takes practice and redirecting and reminding yourself of your new way of being.


Our society does not revere a slow pace. We call people entitled when they allow their bodies, emotions, and energy to dictate what they do and don’t commit to.


But why not? We aren’t here to people please the fuck out of everyone we encounter, even those closest to us. We are here to be true to ourselves, and express that without hesitation.


That’s what draws in the most aligned relationships and experiences. Do you have trouble focusing when you’re super passionate about diving into something?


Find your passion. Get to know it. Spend time immersing in its vibe. It will show you the next step. Be patient with yourself. It’s coming. Energy follows intention.


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