This upcoming full moon in Virgo is about being ALL OF YOU

Feb 22, 2024

Try this on for size: “I don’t have room for anyone who doesn’t receive and appreciate all of me.”

This is how you honor and respect all layers of who you are.

We develop energy leaks when we mask ourselves with those closest to us. There’s a certain level of this that exists as we navigate the world and interact with humans on the daily.

But those in our closest circle? ALL OF ME OR BUST!

How can you tell when you’re all of you? Listen to your body, which carries the communication of sensation, emotions, the heart space, and inner soul wisdom.

Do you feel calm?

Do you feel nourished?

Do you feel expanded?

Do you feel inspired?

Do you feel excited?

Do you feel deeply loved?

Do you feel fully seen?

Do you feel fully heard?

Do you feel fully appreciated, regardless of your state of being or circumstances?

The more in touch you become with the whispers of your body, the more discernment you will have to engage in the most aligned, growth-enhancing connections and experiences.

It’s so yesterday to be “fine” and “happy” and “okay” with the closest things in our livesūüėā. This new era is the age of elation, jumping out of your skin with excitement, and profound relaxation/groundedness.

You get to be held AND elated in each of your relationships and experiences. Yes, you can go out and have a fabulous time with people outside of this definition. I’m talking about your closest circle. Let’s get clear on that during this full moon energy.

Important note: This doesn’t mean everyone close to you needs to understand you. It’s hard enough to understand ourselves sometimes. It’s about feeling seen and appreciated for where you are, and who you are, in your experience.

This full moon energy is alive between 2/21 and 2/27. Dive into these questions and spend some time getting clarity on your truth in this lifetime, without outside influence.



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