The Root of OCD, for Long-Term Healing

Dec 12, 2022

I have become quite the expert in treating OCD, probably because I have a history with it myself.

I continue to be amazed at how some of my clients can truly rid themselves of this using just one or two tools consistently.

It’s really all about your motivation and drive to implement techniques. If you can stick with the skills, and have a solid support system, you can kick anything without medication.

That’s not only my belief but what I have witnessed in clients for over 19 years. Yes, some of my clients have taken medication to help them manage their anxiety (particularly as they expose themselves to anxiety-provoking stimuli), or boost their motivation just enough to start implementing strategies. However, this is a temporary solution until they can integrate a pattern of self-care tools.

Long-Term Change

Now that I discovered energy healing, I no longer recommend medication when people are stuck with motivation or crippling anxiety. Energy healing techniques and lifestyle changes result in the same level of shifting, and they last. Long-term. The only exception is those who choose medication for one of the following reasons.

What reason would someone have not to try this route? Doubt, lack of belief, resistance to/fear of diving deeper, or a lack of patience. My experience has been that lack of patience is one of the most common. Energy healing can take time (although sometimes results are realized right away) and it certainly takes commitment.

By the time people get to a therapist to work on their OCD, they are often so burnt out from struggling with these symptoms that they just want relief. That quick fix. They also fear opening up the deeper wounds because they don’t want to feel less stable than they already do.

My suggestion is to try energy healing. It’s a very supportive, compassionate and loving modality. Whether you have a support system or not, you will feel held in such an unconditional space while you do this work. Go all in and give it a good 3 months, at the least.

The Root of OCD

Ultimately, OCD is not about anxiety. That’s how it presents and is categorized by the DSM-V. However, OCD runs deeper than that.

OCD is rooted in self-doubt. Every. Time. Even if this self-doubt is not your own but carried down from generations before.

People with OCD don’t trust their own instincts. They don’t trust that they’ve turned off the light, not done or won’t do anything to harm someone, their sexual impulses, that they’ve made the right decision, etc.

What helps the most is taking action that’s aligned with their intuitive nudges. Getting gutsy and choosing what feels right energetically, versus going down a checklist of things to expose themselves to or working to meet others’ expectations.

Don’t get me wrong: Exposure therapy can help. I just haven’t seen it cure anybody to the point where people aren’t returning to obsessive symptoms, at the least.

What does work is deeper work. Not focusing primarily on managing the behaviors and compulsions but figuring out how to stand boldly in their authentic selves. This also involves releasing any blocks that interfere with authenticity, and taking brave steps to make choices aligned with their core values.

The only effective modalities I have seen and experienced to clear these blocks/motivational issues are at the energetic level. Modalities such as Reiki, The Akashic Records, and The Emotion Code.

Gaining an understanding of what has interfered in this life, past lives, and your line of ancestors really deepens your holistic vision of yourself. Now that you have this context, you can release blame (of yourself and others) and create a plan forward.

As Nirmann states in The Zouddha Manuscripts, we need to know what we want “‘freedom for’…before [we] actually go for ‘freedom from’.”

Figure Out Where You’re Going

Who do you want to be? What do you want to stand for? How do you want to feel?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can determine what obstacles need further attention and deeper healing.

Then you can be more focused and intentional about clearing these blocks, rather than just diving into your childhood and dredging up a bunch of stuff that’s unrelated. Not everything that’s happened in the past is relevant to what is going on with you now.

Just engaging in the process of understanding, knowing who you want to be and energetically clearing outdated subconscious beliefs, gives your brain the message that you are taking control back (from the OCD).

You are moving through a methodical process to maximize your well-being and move away from feeling trapped by your anxiety. It’s about taking bold action to dive into this process, knowing it will eventually pay off in dividends.

Have faith. This process works, I’m telling you. The actual energetic modalities used may differ depending on the person. You’ll find the one that’s right for you. Trust. The Universe has your back.

OCD is not a life sentence. It is not as simple as a genetic illness that has doomed you for life. Have hope. Take a chance. We are all energetic beings that are constantly in motion. We can shift anything if we choose.

View my video HERE where I discuss this topic.

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