The Key to Going from “Good” to Phenomenal

Nov 29, 2022

Scenario: I was invited to speak to a panel of 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs about multiple streams of income. My husband and I are real estate investors, in addition to our day jobs.

Actually, mine is an all-the-time-whenever God inspires me job. 😂

However, the point here is that I felt the littlest pang of:

I should do this. It’s an excellent opportunity to get in front of high level entrepreneurs, my soul mate clients, and could be ripe for serious marketing and collaboration.

But I didn’t feel excited. I felt unsettled with it. My husband is the one who does all the behind the scenes for our real estate investing — he is a real estate agent after all, in addition to being a teacher — so the questions coming my way on this panel would result in a lot of “My husband handles that so I’m not sure of the strategy and concrete steps behind it.”


This is something I used to be ashamed of.


That I didn’t know something or I wasn’t empowered because I allow my husband to do that shit. My husband also manages my books.

Guess what? I desire to feel more empowered and I know my power is in my genius, serving what God delivers my way, floating through my days listening to whatever my body says, and inspiring the fuck out of other humans.


This is what I’m meant for. I’ve learned that now.

I am perfectly capable of managing my books. I don’t want to.

I am perfectly capable of cooking my meals. Why the fuck would I when I’m married to an Italian chef of over 35 years who adores cooking for his family? I used to love cooking and now I’m like “why bother!” His food is phenomenal. Mine’s really good. I’ll choose phenomenal, thank you very much!

Where can you choose phenomenal? Where can you stand tall in those things you desire and not shrink back in shame for those things you don’t? Where can you use your sacred No to step further into your aligned purpose?

Those million dollar queens aren’t snobby bitches because they hire people to do shit for them. It actually opens space for them to stand even brighter and bolder in their power, and lead more humans into theirs.

They’re actually embodying and modeling what it’s like to unapologetically own your desires and immerse in them.

That doesn’t mean you need to desire to be a million dollar queen. Your desires are your own and might take completely different form, requiring different ways of opening space than you were taught.


My goals are space, freedom, and intimacy, if I have any at all. And I’ve fulfilled these. How?


Following my messy and irrational desire.

Listening to my intuition.

Expanding beyond my comfort zone time and time again.

And where did it all begin? Becoming intimately connected in The Akashic Records.

This space is a spiritual library in the clouds housing all the information about your soul, from this, previous, and subsequent lifetimes.

When you develop a relationship with your records, you receive upgrades into higher levels of consciousness, which allows you access to infinite healing, vitality, confidence, clarity, abundance, and intimacy (with yourself and others).

In short, cultivating, deepening, and expanding this relationship will absolutely blow your mind and change your life. 

Book an Akashic Records session if you would like to receive answers directly from your soul. You can ask 2-3 questions surrounding any area of your journey (emotional mastery, relationships, life direction/purpose, physical symptoms, career trajectory, and/or limiting beliefs) or your healing/therapy business. Come with an open heart and you will always receive clear and efficient guidance on what you're meant to integrate at this time, according to divine perspective.

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