The Balance of Personal Responsibility and Surrender

Feb 17, 2024

Feel the difference between these 2 types of surrender:

“God, take this from me.”


“God, guide me into using this as a catalyst for deeper intimacy with You.”

If you haven’t read The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer, I highly recommend you do. If everyone could come remotely close to his level of surrender, this world would be a very different place.

Nothing is really about us. We are entirely relevant and entirely irrelevant at the same time.

When you take full responsibility for the fact that you are an agent of divine change on this planet, you detach from egoic preference and humbly accept the mission Source has chosen for you.

The cool thing is — you’re not a puppet. You’re co-creating with the universe when you adopt this approach. How?

Here’s my formula:

  1. Set an intention. This could be as simple as ‘Freedom’ or as specific as ‘I want that 6 figure job by March 1st.’
  2. Get convicted. Decide this intention is deeply sincere and you will not waver on what you desire regardless of external evidence. It’s in God’s hands and your relationship with God is the gateway to actualization of your soul’s highest alignment, however that’s meant to look for you.
  3. Detach from the outcome showing up exactly as you envision it in your 3D mind.
  4. Know with confidence that the vibration of your desire will absolutely show up, in the timing that is just right for your human, soul, and nervous system. What is the vibration of your desire? It’s the why behind what you want. It’s the feeling you get when you imagine it’s already your reality. That’s the feeling/vibe that’s going to undoubtedly arrive, in whatever form, as you relax, breathe, and deeply trust that, when prioritizing your relationship with Source and/or your soul, it will show faster (because you’re more aligned with the frequency of the universe which is magical and ever-expanding).

I repeat: it’s not about you. When you raise your hand to accept your divine assignment, you are in service of the whole, of the unfolding of the divine plan.

This requires knowing you will never fully know that plan. Because the whole goal is to merge with God, to allow anything that creates friction into an invitation to “look up child” (Lauren Daigle) and invite change toward embodied divinity.

To just hand over the friction is to dismiss a sacred part of you that is asking to be seen. God doesn’t want self-rejection. Let’s honor the divine by fully appreciating and accepting all parts of us, and inviting divine participation where we don’t feel we can hold it all.

That’s surrender. “God, I ask You to reveal all of me, in the timing I am ready to integrate and receive it. I trust You. I trust Your divine plan. I am here. I am ready and I am so excited to receive the next invitation to get closer to You. Being closer to You feels amazing, as the biggest, most immersive love I’ve ever known. I know that everything in this 3D reality unfolds from there. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

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