The 15 Keys to Thriving in a Successful Healing, Coaching, Therapy, or Counseling Business

Dec 12, 2022

1. Set the number of clients per day based on what feels best vs filling as much as you can.

✨Your energy will be depleted before you can even see it happening.

This arises from a scarcity mindset because you think you won’t have enough success with fewer clients.

2. Set your breaks for a minimum of 30 minutes between each client: 15m to wrap up administrative tasks for the client and 15m to do whatever you need to replenish/nourish.

⏳Set a timer so you don’t get sucked into admin work for the 15m of you time. You’re investing in your future health and happiness.

3. 😋 EAT ALL meals and snacks. And eat them over a 20–30-minute period.

Rushing digestion depletes your energy stores leaving you less available for yourself or your client.

4. 💧HYDRATE! Preferably water with fresh lime juice. Lots.

5. Move your body and breath between every single client or meeting. This could just be light stretching if you’d like!

6. Allot one hour of your workday to at least one of the following (for yourself!): Nourish, nurture, release, and create.

7. Collaborate. Don’t try to prove your worth through how much you know. Receive help and guidance from others. Brainstorm together.

8. Educate clients instead of just healing. Teach people and have them practice as skills. Keep track of their feedback and tweak it as you go, with the goal that they are empowered.

9. 💰Set your prices based on what would make you feel energized and exuberant! Your clients deserve the absolute best version of you!

10. Schedule every single thing that would make your life feel luxurious and free. Then open up your client calendar.

11. Always have your own coach or mentor. For your business and personal life.

12. Pay someone to help you with admin or marketing tasks before you even feel you’re ready to pay them.

13. Have lots of sex 😂. Sexual energy opens up everything! You will be much more inspired and creative, so business ideas will flow without effort.

14. Invest in trainings or masterminds that stretch you a good bit. This also allows you to rub elbows with those a step ahead, putting you in their field and now in a potential collaboration.

15. Connect with your most successful colleague’s mentor. Get humbly curious about what you can learn from them. Bring the ideas to the drawing board and combine them with your intuition to choose the next steps.


Love, Laura

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