The #1 Thing I Learned from Being Authentically Myself

Dec 12, 2022

Since I was 12 years old, I’ve dreamed of becoming a therapist and having my own practice.

And I did it! With flying colors!

My job has always been a huge source of pride, and was never really a job to me: It was a mission. However, it came at the detriment of my own energy. I wasn’t good at choosing myself over clients’ needs because I saw getting them out of dire straits to be much more important than me taking a damn bath or meditating.

How selfish would I have been to pamper myself while someone else was suffering? Not to say I didn’t have boundaries and self-care: I did. I had very good boundaries with my clients and chose myself first all the time. But it wasn’t enough: Deeply knowing the nuance of my own energy allowed me to add even more self-care, excavate much deeper layers of old conditioning, and set even firmer boundaries.

I’ve always gone to my own therapy to support myself, my family, and my clients. It just didn’t go deep enough. Well, now I know. Very clearly. I thought it was noble to tirelessly work to save everyone. But that unintentionally works to others’ detriment (and your own).

Who am I to take away their opportunity to learn the lessons necessary for forwarding their life’s purpose? That’s such an empowering process, even though it can be uncomfortable.

The thing is: It’s more uncomfortable for us to watch those we care about squirm. News flash: We don’t know the depths of others’ mission in this life/the higher purpose of it all (Only their souls know that). There’s a deeper reason for what is coming up in their field.

We swoop in and save these people to stop the burning in our hearts. But that’s not fair: You can’t take water from another person’s bucket to put out your own internal fire. The flame will keep returning. It also depletes their resources. The only thing with the unique molecular design powerful enough to cure and clear the internal fire is your own spiritual energy. Which is infinite and always replenishing.

Whether you enter the Akash, meditate, or access other spiritual technology, aligning with this energy is critical to the healing of yourself and those around you. Now, please know that all of the patterns mentioned above are primarily a subconscious process: They’re not intentional. They come entirely from a place of sensitivity and love: They’re just misdirected. Offering people tools and mindset shifts are productive: They’re just not enough for permanent change and, honestly, the level of phenomenal that we can get to beyond the day-to-day human experience.

Savior mentality is ultimately about you being the one who is waiting to be saved. You offer others the wings you actually need to fly out of your own loneliness, unworthiness, etc. Now, how selfish does that seem? “I just wanna save people because it’s a gateway to saving myself?” That’s certainly not the way to empower others to rise.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of this going around in the mental health industry. This doesn’t mean there aren’t fabulous therapists: I consider myself to be a pretty damn fabulous therapist and I subconsciously created these same patterns! I just know that adding a higher perspective to what is coming forward in the area of mental health (and physical health, for that matter) is the only way to see through to these subconscious patterns and shift them into what is meant for our deepest and Highest Good.

I’m proud of my time as a therapist. And I’m even prouder of my transition out of being one.

Now my pride is in myself instead of my position.

Now my pride is in my deep healing instead of the number of people I’ve “saved.”

Now my pride is in how much time I block off in my calendar for self-nourishment before I offer times to clients.

Now my pride is in how much time, energy, and love I have for my body and my family, instead of how many hours I worked or how many clients I saw.

Now my pride is in how deeply I forgive, so I can truly move forward with ease, grace, and love. (THIS is freedom)

Teaching people how to do all of this is what I love. It’s a broader mission: one that doesn’t label anything as dis-eased or off-kilter. One that encompasses all levels of diversity to honor and celebrate the uniqueness of each human on this Earth. A uniqueness that deserves to be shared with the collective, to shift from competition to collaboration, loneliness to connection, and deep authentic love.

The world deserves the best version of you. We don’t get the best version of you when you’re not focused on filling your own cup and serving from your overflow.

When you show up in your highest power, you make bigger waves, to make big changes in this world. I’m holding space for you to rise there. When you’re ready to step in, send me a private message on my Instagram (@emergehealingandwellness) or go to my website ( for more information.


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