How to Liberate Yourself from Life in a Pressure Cooker

Dec 12, 2022

Are you living life in a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker works by trapping steam in a sealed chamber, cooking food through built-up steam and pressure. Although the steam is hot and would burn someone who enters its path, it also provides a service by preparing our tasty food.

In life, we find ourselves in pressure-filled situations, whether it be a dysfunctional family, an abusive relationship, or any situation where we struggle to release “steam.”

There are a couple of points to consider here:

  1. There are lessons in the pressure, and turning toward the steam to have a context and understanding of it will be of most benefit (rather than avoiding or distracting ourselves).
  2. Once you leave the pressure-cooker situation, the pressure is still built up within your nervous system. It becomes ingrained into your physical being.

So, how is it possible to release the “steam” built up within our bodies, so we can prevent physical and mental illness?

Begin by removing blame from other people. It’s very easy to blame others for our experiences or blame the environment we grew up in, particularly when we were traumatized and hurt.

However, blame disempowers us and enacts the idea that we have no choice of what happens to us. This is simply not true.

We always have a choice.

This isn’t to say the situation wasn’t traumatic or that blame must be shifted to you. Blame isn’t productive in any capacity, toward ourselves or others.

Instead, we must understand how our choices and unique energy impact those around us and the situations we are in. In taking this responsibility back, and regaining our power, we can make new choices and rewrite our past, present, and future.

Try taking a bird’s eye view of the experiences or symptoms you’re currently facing.

Ask: How is this serving me right now? What is this trying to tell me? It may not be obvious at first, and that’s okay. Allow yourself to get a little deeper every day, at your own pace.

Once you have done this, you can now ask “Is this even mine to carry anymore?”

Every experience happens for a reason, to provide you with lessons that are absolutely necessary to move you closer to your soul’s mission.

Your soul made the choice to come to this planet, to live in this body, to move through certain experiences, and interact with chosen people to learn the necessary lessons for intended soul growth.

This doesn’t mean every thought and feeling we have is a part of our life’s journey. In fact, many of them aren’t.

Many of our chronic traumas and issues come from our ancestors or past lives. Healing these aspects of ourselves allows us to realign and further our soul’s purpose.

Moving forward.

Now is the time to feel grateful for no longer living in the pressure cooker situation. These situations gave us the tools to make choices more aligned with our true selves.

They allow us the resilience to get through the next pressure cooker situation, so we no longer hold onto this “steam” and just release, feeling the freedom and clarity we desire.

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