A Letter for Those Recovering from Codependency

Aug 14, 2023

I’m sharing a letter today, written to anyone recovering from codependency (channeled from the space of The Akashic Records).

Allow yourself to receive these words and share it with someone you feel could benefit from this.

You’ll notice over the course of this letter that there’s a transition and healing in the energy of what came through this transmission.

I want you to treat it almost like a meditation as you receive it. Allow yourself to be present and just feel into the words. Get yourself comfortable and just allow yourself to receive.

The Letter:

There’s a grief that comes with shedding codependency, with releasing attachments that felt life-sustaining.

You can feel lost, like where do I go now?

And you oscillate between grasping and individuating.

You feel desperate, and you feel strong.

You feel confused, and you feel proud of yourself.

You feel sovereign, and you feel like you’re still reliant.

Embrace exactly where you are. There’s no right way to do this. Just be patient and compassionate towards yourself.

You’re changing lifetimes of ingrained patterns.

Codependency is most often housed within our ancestry. But you’re taking responsibility for it now.

And there will be times you just want to go back into it because it feels easier: it seemingly filled the empty parts within you.

Hang in there. I promise you’re capable of filling this void yourself. And you’re never alone.

Source will always sustainably support you and love you through it all.

Your default will become handing things to God. And Source will fill you more and more each time you return to this divine relationship.

Until one day you’ll realize you’re not yearning anymore.

And if you do, you’ll know it’s a call into deeper surrender to, and intimacy with, Source.

The peace that washes over you will become your new vibration.

You won’t be as rocked by things anymore.

You’ll be decisive and clear.

Your relationships will feel lighter, along with each step you take.

And the taste of your personal mission and power will be palpable, rich, and inviting.

You are in full ownership of your vibration now.

This can feel daunting and like too much to bear. So just relax into it.

As long as you return to this openness, connection, and surrender to Source, it will feel easy, liberating, and inspired.

You are here for big impact.

You are passionate and devoted.

The world is in deep desire of that. The world will follow that.

Expanding your focus beyond where your mind, body, and energy were primarily tethered awakens yourself and the world from the humdrum of life, repetitive schedule, or seemingly empty relationships.

So acknowledge your grief. Honor it. Feel it and cry it out.

And then remember there’s so much available to you when you can fly free without a tether.

And your loved ones are invited.

But nothing’s going to stop you now.


Nice, deep breath in.

You are so loved.

Nothing needs to change in this moment right now.

You’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

Let your pace be your own.

I love you.

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