5 Steps to Embracing Chronic Illness as Your Best Friend

Dec 12, 2022

My chronic illness is my best friend.

It has been there all along, waiting in the background. Signaling me. It signals me when I need rest. It signals me when I need compassion and love.

It reminds me gently, and then more firmly, when I make choices that don’t support my Highest Good. So I can choose again.

The best friendships are the ones that offer a good combination of compassion and a kick in the ass. My illness gives me a nice kick in the ass with the purpose of compassion.

This compassion is delivered by my body in a language I will hear and understand in the moment.

Will I understand if it whispers? I will certainly jump to attention when it screams. I’ve learned to hear and listen for the whispers. I used to only hear the screams.

We can all do this for ourselves. We can get to know ourselves so intimately that whispers hardly begin before we know what we need.

I know so many clients who aren’t aware of their needs. That’s one benefit of having an illness: People with chronic illness become very in tune with the needs of their bodies.

The challenge is to look deeper than the physical body. To tune into the emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic layers of ourselves.

Our bodies we hear. We work to fix them so we can function in this world and achieve our goals.

But how do we listen to the rest?

We are holistic beings. We are composed of mind, body, emotion, spirit, and energy.

Step 1: Listen to the body. Hear its calls. Allow yourself to really tune into the purpose it is currently serving. I promise there is one. Always. Have a conversation with it. Cultivate a relationship like you would with someone you recently met.

Step 2: Allow the body’s cues to signal whether you’re following the right path. Are you moving toward your soul’s purpose on this Earth? Even if it isn’t in alignment with what your ego’s agenda might be. Humble yourself to really hear the answer, guided from within, from the stillness.

Step 3: When you find this answer, allow yourself to fully visualize what your soul is working toward. Really sink into it and feel the entire experience as if it is already playing out.

Step 4: Now sit in this emotion for a good ten minutes. Get lost in it. Feel it within every layer of your existence.

Step 5: Now decide. Decide that this is your new reality. That you are energetically aligning with what you plan to manifest. Choose thoughts that cultivate the feeling from Step 4. Choose thoughts that motivate and move you forward to your soul’s desire. When doubts creep in, return to Step 1 and follow the process again.

This is your path to freedom. Freedom from the perceived trap of chronic illness. Does this mean we won’t have our bad days? Nope. But it does mean we will move through them with greater ease. It does mean we will catch our symptoms sooner, leading to a greater sense of health and well-being.

This isn’t a letter of goodbye to my illness. It’s a letter of acceptance. A letter of appreciation. Of all it has shown me. Of the immense levels of wisdom and intimacy I’ve acquired since this journey began.

I love my chronic illness. We have a relationship, and understanding. And the best part? It’s an ongoing relationship, one I can learn more and more about as I grow and change, and as it grows and changes. Seeing my illness and myself as separate entities that can engage in conversation, externalizes it from my identity.

I do not have to identify with it to love it. I do not have to identify with it to appreciate it. And I do not have to identify with it to learn the big lessons.

I choose to release it from my identity and embrace its presence in my life. It’s my greatest teacher and full of wisdom.

Honor your illness. Honor yourself. And above all, honor your willingness to read and explore as much as you can to reach your highest potential.

We are all in this together, even when it feels lonely. Know that I am sending you love and healing energy, so you can move through this pivotal time with ease and grace.

With much love,


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