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Choosing your vitality as your top priority is the #1 way to sustain your wellness, relationships, intimacy (self and other), mission, and income. 


The personal foundation you build in VITALITY secures who you are, communicates to the universe that you deeply value your wellness above anything else, and roots it all in the unwavering love, expansion, and stability of your soul.


This is for you if:


💪You’re ready to take control of your own healing.

💪You’re ready to make sovereign decisions without apology.

💪You’re ready to serve as the most solid, unwavering foundation for yourself, loved ones, and/or clients.

💪You’re ready for consistency in your health, wealth, relationships, and emotional swings.

💪Intellectually, you know you’re worthy but you can’t seem to get there on the feeling level.

💪You’ve experienced chronic mental health or physical health symptoms that don’t interfere with your ability to function but put a huge damper on the enjoyment of your life.


What you'll get:

  • VITALITY begins 9/9/22.

  •  Group Coaching Calls meet every 2 weeks for 90 minutes. 

  • Several times per week, our community will come together virtually for energetic practices that enhance and sustain your vitality (like those listed above in phase one). These will continue throughout the program so they are habituated and attune your field to a much higher vibration.

  • There will be a 24/7 community for you to share, receive support, and ask questions through the entire program.

  • An individual coaching call (30m) will be offered as a milestone celebration to ensure you sustain momentum throughout the whole program. This can be scheduled during the off month.

  •  You’ll receive exclusive access to a client-only podcast with potent downloads for exactly what’s coming up in our group, and customized meditations, tappings, and hypnoses.

  • Magical Bonus! We will be having amazing bonus lessons from multiple experts throughout the duration of VITALITY, including: Qigong, Human Design, Lucid Dreaming, Connecting with Your Passed Loved Ones, The Emotion Code, Reiki, and a Shitload of Akashic Records!


This program is built with your unique situation in mind. In the medical and mental health world, we aren’t viewed as having our own one-of-a-kind biological, emotional, or cognitive system. Holistic, personalized care requires all layers of our being to be activated and listened to. 


VITALITY opens this space for you and will shift what you thought you were capable of x1000.


You’re human: No matter what things are going to come up. Anchor yourself in your vitality and you can accomplish everything you desire. In fact, you will find a natural flow that feels easeful and perfectly aligned.


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