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 All Clients MUST be 18 Years of Age or older.

Any advice provided or opinions that are presented are not meant to replace any psychological, legal, medical or other professional advice or services. Laura Mazzotta shall not be held liable for any action or inaction taken by the client in reference to the information presented in person, by video or phone during an event, workshop or session. The guidance and insights provided by Laura Mazzotta are intended to assist clients in making better life choices. However, clients are always free to do as they wish and have the power of free will, regardless of the interpretation of the information. If expert advice or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Akashic Record or Intuitive Readings should not be used in "lieu" of professional medical treatment but rather in cooperation with all conventional and professional services available to you to maximize your healing process. There are never any guarantees for any particular outcome for any particular session, event, class or workshop. Laura Mazzotta does not assume any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretations of the subject matter herein and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages arising therefrom. You agree to indemnify Laura Mazzotta and her affiliates, members, managers, directors, officers, employees, agents, attorneys, contractors, and licensors against all claims, actions, suits, or other proceedings arising out of or incurred in connection with your use of the website.

I am in service of Spirit, first and foremost. However Spirit chooses to guide me or the client is in the Highest Good of all involved at that moment in time. The intention of these services is to assist people with accessing unconditional love and healing. Entering sessions with an open mind and heart, to receiving whatever Spirit brings through as an offering, will yield the most productive results. The highest reward will come when implementing Spirit’s suggestions, trusting the direction provided during sessions.



All information about you, including demographic information, that may identify you and relates to your past, present, or future physical or mental health/condition will be held confidential. However, I may recommend professional care if there is concern regarding your level of functioning. In case of an emergency, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room. If my schedule is heavily booked, I may not be able to return messages for up to 3 business days. Please be advised that the use of email, messaging and/or texting may pose a risk to confidentiality due to the potential for information exchange on the internet. If I receive an email, message or text that I do not feel comfortable replying to without threatening your confidentiality, I will respond via phone.

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Are you ready to know exactly what you want (without outside influence), fully accept who you uniquely are, & master your intuition, relationships, and self-leadership (aka confidence)?


This is the space to: 


  • Understand how your energy uniquely operates so you can flow with it (rather than keeping up with expectations or reaching an agenda of the mind) and feel a greater sense of ease and calm. 


  • Come into clarity about how universal energy operates through, and with you, so you can take next steps more confidently, having greater discernment about what's meant for you.


  • Feel more loving as you claim full ownership for your internal responses and don't make it about anyone or anything else (aka blame and old stories that no longer serve).


  • Feel more deeply loved by the universe, yourself, and those around you. As you step further into authenticity, you magnetize people who expand you and encourage your highest joy.


  • Welcome self-acceptance as various parts of you come forward to be seen. Held in the safety of this experience, you will lighten your state of being by clearing old patterns and belief systems.


  • Witness the potency of your own energy as others in this space reflect the powerful and brilliant wisdom you share and embody.


  • Expand your consciousness to interact with the world from a higher perspective, not getting so caught up in irrelevant details of the human sauce.


  • Regulate your nervous system and expand your capacity to hold the whole spectrum of your emotional and physical experience. You're not meant to be calm and high energy 24/7 but you are fully capable of meeting yourself exactly where you are with compassion, patience, grace, and deep faith. This is the foundation for sustaining vitality, intimacy, and growth long term. 


  • Clarify and refine your personal relationship with God/Source/Spirit/The Universe/Your Soul/Your Higher Self. You get to palpably feel this relationship and actualize its impact through your entire body and energy field. What results is deliberate action that feels naturally guided by your soul's direction.


What does the word vitality even mean?


It means maintaining a state of optimal energy, wellness, and strength (in mind, body, & spirit), so:


You know exactly who you are.


You know exactly what you’re here for.


You know exactly what’s important to you.


And you make decisions and take action from a space of clear direction and confidence in exactly where your soul is leading you.


In this program, with an open heart and sincere devotion, you will achieve:


  • SUSTAINABLE HEALING- Prevent repeating cycles of the same patterns you’ve felt stuck in for years by easily replicating the most aligned strategies for your energy field. This is about working with your natural energetic flow rather than forcing yourself into a box (defined by someone or something outside of you).


  • EMOTIONAL MASTERY - Gain control of your emotional experience, and manage it more quickly and productively, based on what works and feels good to you. There is deep medicine in our bodies' signals; you're not meant to be at the mercy of emotional extremes or feel like something is wrong with you. 


  • SOVEREIGNTY/PERSONAL POWER - Become extremely clear on who you are and what you want, actualizing your desires vs everyone else’s expectations. This is the full embodiment of CONFIDENCE.


This program is for people who manage themselves and their lives quite well but desire to anchor their regulation, stability, confidence, and clear knowing deep inside of themselves (instead of looking outside for validation or direction). The result is an unshakeable core that will not waver with every naysayer or undesired outcome. Your soul is unwavering, always. Align your human journey with where you're being called and the most magical opportunities will present themselves to you. It's wild how much will arrive in your field once you embody this more consistently.


Does this sound like you?


  • You’re introspective, highly self-aware, and super motivated to expand in your own unique way. You want to pave your path on your terms!


  •  You’ve been trying to find ease in managing the ups and downs of your emotions but you feel stuck in habits you have a hard time breaking or sustainably changing.


  •  You might even have physical symptoms like brain fog, headaches, digestive issues, or fatigue, that aren’t resolved through traditional routes like therapy, medication, or western medicine protocols.


  •  You get desperate to feel better so try every healing strategy or remedy thrown your way, but nothing fully works. You’re obsessed with finding the next thing you can work on so you can finally feel healed for good.


  •  You have these cycles of feeling well but fall right back into feeling ugh.


  •  You’re pretty freaking awesome and you know that so why can’t you get out of your own way?


  •  You’re often asking “What am I doing wrong? I’m self-aware. Why can’t I see & fix this issue? I have the skills!”


  •  You may even fall into blaming your doctors, counselors, healers, & coaches because “I’ve put so much into this! Why is this still coming back?”


  •  You’re waiting for x,y, and z to come to pass (e.g., once you get that job, get healthy, or have that relationship) so you can be healthy and happy long term. It’s your saving grace.


  •  You’re pissed off. “So and so got her shit together and found the perfect fit. I want that too!“


  • You're replaying old narratives of your past that seem to interfere with forward movement and actualizing the highest form of yourself.



Are you ready to gain authority over your life experience? Even if you have physical symptoms, I promise you mindset, energy, boundaries, and hidden wisdom (from this life or previous) are at the root of them.



VITALITY is perfect for you if:


  •  You’re ready to make sovereign decisions without apology.
  •  You’re ready to serve as the most solid, unwavering foundation for yourself, loved ones, and/or clients.
  •  You're an intuitive/spiritual badass but still feel like your human is kinda messy.
  •  You love expanding in consciousness and do so beautifully, but waver in how connected you feel, the extent of downloads coming through, and the palpable sensation/embodiment of higher consciousness in the body.  
  •  You’re ready for consistency (defined your way) in your health, relationships, and emotional mastery.
  •  Intellectually, you know you’re worthy but you can’t seem to get there on the feeling level, for the most part.
  •  You’ve experienced chronic emotional or physical symptoms that don’t interfere with your ability to function but put a damper on the enjoyment of your life.
  • You desire to strengthen your boundaries so you feel more energized, proud of yourself, and connected to the most magnificent people and experiences available to you. You're no longer available for “fine,” “happy,” and “okay.” This new era is the age of elation, jumping out of your skin with excitement, and profound relaxation/groundedness.


What you'll get:


  • Three 20-minute 1:1s (plus an additional 30-minute 1:1 if you pay in full)
  • Three 90-minute group coaching calls
  • 24/7 Voxer support M-F (For 8 Weeks)
  • Client-only podcast (For 16 weeks).
  • Access to the entire VITALITY vault which includes over 85 energetic and spiritual practices for your deepest healing & expansion (For 16 weeks).
  • The opportunity to be an affiliate of VITALITY, receiving $111 per person who pays in full to join the program through your link.


This program is built with your unique situation in mind. In the medical and mental health world, we aren’t viewed as having our own one-of-a-kind biological, emotional, or cognitive system. Energetics and spiritual underpinnings are rarely, if ever, incorporated with depth. Holistic, personalized care requires all layers of our being to be activated and listened to. 


PAY IN FULL BONUS = One 1:1 30-minute session with Laura (valued at $250)!


Choosing intuitive expansion as your top priority is the #1 way to sustain your wellness, relationships, intimacy (self and others), and confidence. This results in full-spectrum nourishment, at all layers of your being, to ensure lasting change. 


The primary issue clients come to me with is, "But Laura I can't seem to stick with it!" Fully actualizing your highest self does not happen overnight. This is why VITALITY supports you with practices that internalize healthy habits specifically aligned with your energy. 


The personal foundation you build in VITALITY secures who you are, communicates to the universe that you deeply value your vibration above anything else, and roots it all in the unwavering love, expansion, and stability of your soul.


With 20 years as a therapist, 8 years as an energy healer, and my own extensive experience with holistic and functional medicine, I will guide your personalized journey to a path of wellness, clarity, confidence, and empowered momentum. 


You’re human: No matter what things are going to come up. Anchor yourself in your vitality and you can regulate, direct, and alchemize anything coming at you toward purposeful growth and change. You will find your natural flow. Doesn't that sound blissful? Meet yourself in this. Your soul is calling you.

VITALITY opens space for your highest transformation and will shift what you thought you were capable of x1000.


Once you enroll, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you into the program! When you pay in full, you will receive a complimentary 1:1 30-minute session with Laura!


If you would like a 6-month payment plan at $334/month, email Laura at [email protected] to enroll in autopay!