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Defining God

The collective is rampant with, “I really struggle with this concept of God. I can do universe or love but the word God rubs me the wrong way.”


For some, it even makes them angry. This makes sense for people who hold resentment for a seriously rough run in life. 


It also makes sense from religious and societal programming around the concept of God, and the rules we are “required” to obey. 


Regardless of the reason, let’s not negate that this emotional or mental reaction is arising to heighten awareness of where we’re invited into our own understanding of God.


It’s not God’s fault that we have created so many stories around the meaning of this name/human label.


Many people shy away from connecting with God because of the immense power felt in God’s presence. It enhances their feeling of unworthiness, or highlights how little they’re comfortable receiving unwavering love and seeing their divine assignment.


The universe is loving, comforting, expansive, and magical. God is a whole different level. God created everything, even the universe. It can feel like a huge responsibility to open to this energy. 


What kind of pressure does that bring forward within you? Connect with your body. Just be with the awareness.


The ultimate truth is that God is undefinable. 


But so many people struggle with confusion figuring out whether there’s a God or just energy/the universe. Having clarity in this area is vital to the sustainability of your faith, self-love, and decisiveness.


Let’s explore all sides of this concept together. Come into communion with us in this space so you can anchor your belief once and for all.


Defining God is a 3-part digital series dedicated to resolving and aligning with your concept of God, your spiritual relationships, and coming into union with how this concept is meant to integrate into your life. It also includes a previously recorded Q&A session from when this was a live course.



Module 1 - Anchoring Our Energy

Module 2 - Establishing Relationship With God

Module 3Integrating The God Energy

Module 4 - Q&A

Some Questions Covered in the Q&A: 

How to let go of what does God “look like”?

How can I stay consistent with the spiritual journey?

Is it important to know what my spiritual messages are coming from?

How to have God to be more present In my everyday interactions/ life? 

How do I trust myself in what I am feeling when connecting to Source?

How can I detach from earlier life spiritual/religious beliefs to focus on something new?

How do I incorporate this into a job/career of helping people become more whole/well?

And more!


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