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I am in service of Spirit, first and foremost. However Spirit chooses to guide me or the client is in the Highest Good of all involved at that moment in time. The intention of these services is to assist people with accessing unconditional love and healing. Entering sessions with an open mind and heart, to receiving whatever Spirit brings through as an offering, will yield the most productive results. The highest reward will come when implementing Spirit’s suggestions, trusting the direction provided during sessions.



All information about you, including demographic information, that may identify you and relates to your past, present, or future physical or mental health/condition will be held confidential. However, I may recommend professional care if there is concern regarding your level of functioning. In case of an emergency, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room. If my schedule is heavily booked, I may not be able to return messages for up to 3 business days. Please be advised that the use of email, messaging and/or texting may pose a risk to confidentiality due to the potential for information exchange on the internet. If I receive an email, message or text that I do not feel comfortable replying to without threatening your confidentiality, I will respond via phone.

Transcribe Your Vibe

I love to write. I could literally write all day and still feel inspired. Actually, I do!😂


Writing content is the easiest thing on the planet, whether it’s for work, posts, books, blogs, or personal journaling. I adore it and it’s one of my biggest superpowers.


I’m always editing for my clients, friends, and colleagues, and it takes me two seconds! My writing has always been strong but I’ve gotten much more involved with it since connecting with The Akashic Records. The inspiration just flows so beautifully and effortlessly!


I want to teach you how to do the same, and support you in your writing project(s) by offering practical and inspiring guidance! 


Transcribe Your Vibe is a monthly membership group where you will:


  1. Write your heart out
  2. Gather soul-aligned ideas from your Akashic Records, unique to your soul path and purpose
  3. Receive channeled guidance from Laura to ensure your writing piece is aligned to your vibe and the intent of your piece!
  4. Receive support and feedback for whatever project you’re working on. I have people reaching out to me every single day to edit their content. This is your opportunity to do so in a creative, empowering, and motivating setting!
  5. Accountability for the deadlines of your writing projects
  6. Guidance on where and how to post your content, and in what form, for maximum impact (if you have an online business)
  7. Become intimately connected to your reader(s) so you speak powerfully and directly to them.
  8. Connect with heart-centered, growth-oriented, rising humans! Pulling up a chair in this room will elevate you to your next level automatically!


When you write in the space of The Akashic Records, potent wisdom comes forward with so much ease and efficiency. You’ll find that you’re writing in half the time and the power of your content skyrockets. It gets to be that EASY! 


Words carry a vibration, for sure, and choosing  magnetizing language will have massive impact on how your readers receive your message. 


I will be your biggest cheerleader as I guide you in producing wildly authentic content. You are pure magic and I want that to come forward through your writing so people can actually feel the importance and significance of your voice.


Set aside this time with me, twice monthly (for 45m on Zoom) OR once monthly (for 90m on Zoom), to connect with this loving soul tribe, stay accountable with your writing, feel into your deep wisdom, and create magic! Only $50/mo! Call times and frequency are decided amongst members and discussed in the community hub once you join.


Once you register, you will be enrolled in a subscription for an automatic monthly charge. This subscription can be canceled at anytime. All you have to do is notify Laura and you can come and go month by month as you please.