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VITALITY - Spring 2023

Ready to fully embody your highest confidence by mastering your emotions, nervous system, & energy? This is the place to enhance your mental health holistically so you’re decisive & bold AF and your relationships soar!


What does vitality even mean?


It means maintaining a state of optimal energy, wellness, and strength (in mind, body, & spirit), so you are unwavering:


You know exactly who you are.


You know exactly what you’re here for.


You know exactly what’s important to you.


And you make decisions and take action from a space of clear direction and confidence in exactly where your soul is leading you.


It doesn’t matter how you feel physically, mentally, or emotionally. All symptoms do is tell you where to look deeper, where to gain more intimacy with yourself and your purpose, and invite you into a mutual relationship with your body, energy, and soul.


If you’re trying to manage your home, kids, relationship, career, and self, you can bury the symptoms but then they’re always going to be in the way, OR you can hit them head on and open up so much time for yourself to do what you wanna do instead of managing it all.


You could work on your kids’ anxiety but when it doesn’t work you need to see where it’s coming from and tackle it a different way than you’re accustomed to.


What takes up most of your time that you can’t stand? Once you get rid of those things, think about how much extra space you’ll have.


When you don’t fight the battle anymore, look how much time you have. There’s no more stress on you to do that.


Once you do this, you achieve:


SUSTAINABLE HEALING- Prevent repeating cycles of the same patterns you’ve felt stuck in for years by easily replicating the most aligned strategies for YOU, as soon as the mildest symptoms arise.


EMOTIONAL MASTERY - Gain control of your emotional experience and manage it yourself based on what works and feels good to you, so you don’t feel like a shit show who’s always all over the place.


SOVEREIGNTY/PERSONAL POWER - Become extremely clear on who you are and what you want, actualizing YOUR desires vs everyone else’s expectations. This is the full embodiment of CONFIDENCE.


It’s really all about gaining authority over your own mental health. Even if you have physical symptoms, I promise you mindset, energy, boundaries, and trauma (in this life or previous) are at the root of them.


This program is for people who know they need healing and desire it, can manage themselves pretty well, but desire more stability and quicker regulation.


You may or may not be well versed in mental health but you’re introspective, highly self aware, and super motivated to expand it in your own unique way.


Does this sound like you?


  •  You’ve been trying to find ease with managing the ups and downs of your emotions. You get stuck in harmful habits you have a really hard time breaking or sustaining the change.


  •  You might even have physical symptoms like brain fog, headaches, digestive issues, or fatigue, that aren’t resolved through traditional routes like therapy, medication, or western medicine protocols.


  •  You get desperate to feel better so try every healing strategy or remedy thrown your way, but nothing fully works.


  •  You have these cycles of feeling well but fall right back into feeling like a shit storm.


  •  You’re pretty freaking awesome and you know that so why the hell can’t you get out of your own way?


  •  You’re often asking “What am I doing wrong? I’m really self aware. Why can’t I see & fix this issue? I have the skills!”


  •  You may even fall into blame of your doctors, counselors, healers, & coaches because “I’ve put so much into this! Why is this still coming back?”


  •  You’re literally obsessed with finding the next thing you can work on so you can finally feel healed for good.


  •  You’re waiting for x,y,z to come to pass so you can be healthy and happy long term. It’s your saving grace.


  •  You’re pissed off. “So and so got her shit together and found the perfect fit. I want that too!“



Are you ready to gain authority over your own mental health? Even if you have physical symptoms, I promise that mindset, energy, boundaries, and trauma (in this life or previous) are at the root of them.



VITALITY is perfect for you if:


  •  You know you need healing & desire it, & are ready to take control of your own healing. You can manage yourself pretty well but desire more stability and quicker regulation.
  •  You’re ready to make sovereign decisions without apology.
  •  You’re ready to serve as the most solid, unwavering foundation for yourself, loved ones, and/or clients.
  •  You’re ready for consistency in your health, wealth, relationships, and emotional swings.
  •  Intellectually, you know you’re worthy but you can’t seem to get there on the feeling level.
  •  You may or may not be well versed in mental health but you're introspective, highly self-aware, and super motivated to expand in your own unique way.
  •  You’ve experienced chronic mental health or physical health symptoms that don’t interfere with your ability to function but put a huge damper on the enjoyment of your life.


What you'll get:


  •  Four personalized, 20-minute 1:1 calls with Laura over the 8-week program! This is to deeply customize your experience.
  •  You also receive one 90-minute Group Coaching Call per month for amplified energy healing, community connection, accountability, and real-time integration! These are held at an agreed-upon time for the participants in the program.
  •  Several times per week, our community will come together virtually for energetic practices that enhance and sustain your vitality. These will continue throughout the program so they are automated, internalized, and attune your field to a much higher vibration!
  •  There will be a 24/7 community for you to share, receive support, and ask questions through the entire program.
  •  The final week will include a Q&A for you to integrate the content into your day-to-day life so you have a clear and sustainable road map going forward.
  •  You’ll receive exclusive access to a client-only podcast with potent downloads for exactly what’s coming up in our group, and customized meditations, tappings, and hypnoses.


This program is built with your unique situation in mind. In the medical and mental health world, we aren’t viewed as having our own one-of-a-kind biological, emotional, or cognitive system. Holistic, personalized care requires all layers of our being to be activated and listened to. 


PAY IN FULL BONUS = One 1:1 30-minute Customized Transformation Session with Laura (valued at $250)!


Getting to this point after years of physical or emotional symptoms/patterns does not happen overnight. This is why VITALITY supports you with multiple weekly practices to internalize healthy habits that are specifically aligned with your energy.


Choosing your vitality as your top priority is the #1 way to sustain your wellness, relationships, intimacy (self and other), mission, and income.


The personal foundation you build in VITALITY secures who you are, communicates to the universe that you deeply value your wellness above anything else, and roots it all in the unwavering love, expansion, and stability of your soul.


With 20 years as a therapist, 6 years as an energy healer, and my own extensive experience with functional medicine, I will guide your personalized healing journey to a path of wellness, clarity, confidence, and empowered momentum. VITALITY is perfect for really sustaining your highest state of vitality, at any layer (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual).


You’re human: No matter what things are going to come up. Anchor yourself in your vitality and you can accomplish everything you desire. In fact, you will find a natural flow that feels easeful and perfectly aligned.

VITALITY opens this space for you and will shift what you thought you were capable of x1000.


Once you enroll, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you into the program! When you pay in full, you will receive a complimentary 1:1 30-minute Customized Transformation Session with Laura!


If you would like a 6-month payment plan at $250/month, email Laura at [email protected] to enroll in autopay!


We start March 27th, 2023!