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Meditation For Expanding Awareness


This meditation is absolutely phenomenal. It encompasses so many different layers of energy &, with repetition, will immensely enhance your awareness.


Why is awareness important?

Awareness gives us greater intimacy with ourselves, to really know ourselves in our wholest form.

This meditation will access the Divine perspective within you, so you can witness your life experience with loving, forgiving, and awestruck eyes.

The more you’re aware of, the more possibilities you see and the more opportunities come your way.

Our awareness is limited by our day-to-day lives. We can so easily get caught up in the details.

Expand your awareness and watch so much of your life come into alignment.


What this meditation does for you (in the background while you’re chillin!):

  • Clears your energy field

  • Activates the light body & energy field

  • Releases energy that isn’t yours to carry

  • Integrates cosmic light codes that carry wisdom, intelligence, & healing from the universal energy that created us

  • Connects you to your Divine creative energy

  • Provides you with wider perspective

  • Guides you to what awareness FEELS like - it’s a vibration not a concept (we get to bypass the stories of the ego and actually internalize this new awareness into our state of being)

  • Establish priorities in this life you’re living

  • Guides you where to place your focus

  • Allows gentle awareness to guide next steps


Grab it above and watch your awareness EXPAND! I recommend doing this one a minimum of once per week, starting with once a day for 7 days.