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I am in service of Spirit, first and foremost. However Spirit chooses to guide me or the client is in the Highest Good of all involved at that moment in time. The intention of these services is to assist people with accessing unconditional love and healing. Entering sessions with an open mind and heart, to receiving whatever Spirit brings through as an offering, will yield the most productive results. The highest reward will come when implementing Spirit’s suggestions, trusting the direction provided during sessions.



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Let’s DISSOLVE the Ego…


When I’m speaking of the ego I’m speaking of functions like:


  • Blame
  • Judgment
  • Defensiveness
  • Attachment
  • Decisiveness
  • Reality testing ("Is this real or contrived?")
  • Focus
  • Reactivity
  • Efforts to control, and
  • Righteousness  (aka wanting justice).


When these go awry, it results in:


  • Self-criticism,
  • Anxiety,
  • Shame,
  • Guilt,
  • Resentment,
  • Confusion ("I can't make sense of this.")
  • Doubt/insecurity ("I don't trust my own judgment.")
  • Resistance/hesitation
  • Tantrums/angry outbursts
  • Disconnection, and
  • Feeling lost
  • Feeling alone/lonely
  • Intense emotional waves, and
  • Not feeling like a "good person." 


I was stuck in my ego for most of my life. That was a tough one for me to admit because I’ve always led from the heart. I realized I was doing both and that neither was the answer. I was set free when I allowed myself to really embody divine love/perspective, more and more each day, to dissolve the ego’s grip on my human relationships, reality, happiness, health, and wealth.


As I processed this, I went through a period of time when I was casting the ego aside and making it separate from who I am. However, when we blame the ego and make it wrong, it separates us from our wholeness. The ego is part of us. Integrating all of our parts gets us closer to Source. Getting closer to Source offers us so much freedom from the attachments of the 3D world.


Denying the ego can result in tantrums, intense emotional waves, gripping attempts at control, and/or feeling like we are losing our minds or are not a “good person.” The things we think we are upset about, or the people our minds can target, are typically not the issue.


That doesn’t mean changes don’t need to be made in your life but they will automatically happen when you take full responsibility for the ONLY thing you are ever responsible for: Your vibration. Your state. 


All of this stuff I mentioned above is simply energy. We latch onto so many stories and reasons why this process is happening when, really, it’s just the integration of new energy being offered to us by the universe. 


We are meant to evolve. We were made to evolve. Dissolving the ego into full integration with our energetic and spiritual selves is much more effective than dismantling it, eradicating it, or pushing it aside. Let’s integrate this beautifully gifted part of us so we can experience greater peace, centeredness, confidence, clarity, and ease. 


Your boundaries, responsibilities, connections with others, and wellness will literally feel irrelevant to “have to adjust” when you consistently embody this practice: They’re a natural extension/byproduct of this “work.”


I’m here to hold, validate, and encourage you wherever you are in this process. Join me for 2 separate modules, containing energetic & spiritual practices to integrate what’s coming up in your field.


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