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Tapping Starter Kit



My name is Laura Mazzotta and I am a Healer, Vessel of Service, and Reiki Master. I’m here to guide you to embody your power, no matter what state you think you’re in at this moment.


One of the most wildly effective tools I use with clients is EFT, otherwise known as tapping. I have literally had clients completely reverse crippling OCD, anxiety, and depression through tapping alone. If you’ve tried tapping before without effect, I urge you to set a new intention and enter with a fresh mind and heart. This practice encompasses all layers of our being.


So, what is EFT? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a mind-body-energy psychology technique, used to release negative energy from the mind and body, and open up space for more easily internalizing new belief systems. Belief systems that are in greater alignment with the core of who you are, versus those conditioned or outdated beliefs you’ve been carrying for so long.


One of the reasons I love EFT is because you release and re-integrate all in one tool. Often, tools open you up but you don’t get the soothing and re-mapping along with it. This puts it all in one place for you.


The goal of tapping is to uncover new energetic and emotional layers of yourself, to reprogram subconscious beliefs (outside of your awareness), and reach the root of the issue. Now you can instill healthier, more supportive beliefs!


The most common complaint I get about EFT is that clients can’t find a script/video that truly captures what they are going through or want to release. This leads to throwing in the towel on EFT and claiming it doesn’t work. It does work. It’s one of the most effective therapeutic strategies out there. If it doesn’t work for you, that means you need to tap more!!


You can create tailored scripts via sessions with an EFT practitioner but you can also create one yourself! I find EFT much more effective and empowering when the scripts are coming from my own intuition.




  1. Creating Your Own EFT Script: This video, and accompanying worksheets, teaches you how to create personalized EFT scripts for any area of your life/experience. After you’ve practiced this process several times, you will be able to create scripts on the go, directly from your intuition! 

  2. Tapping on Anxiety

  3. Tapping on Sleep/Insomnia

  4. A special bonus sleep meditation that integrates each layer of your human experience. Good luck not falling asleep with this one!


I encourage you to use these tools over and over again. If you’re feeling pretty dysregulated and out of sorts, I encourage you to tap 3-5 times daily (for about 5 minutes each). If you’re using this as maintenance, I recommend it once daily. For preventive reasons, 1) I applaud you and 2) about once per week will suffice.




Approach it as medicine, with the same level of regularity and trust you would offer to a prescribed medication or supplement you’ve been given daily. When you show up with this level of intention, I guarantee you will see even more rapid results!


Wherever you are in the healing process, I honor you for taking this step toward your own healing! When you check out above, you will receive a confirmation with all of the links listed in this Starter Kit.