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Expand Your Channeling Abilities Workshop

In-person at Well Oiled in Canonsburg, PA!


Bringing through clear messages from the divine, and easily discerning them from your ego and mind chatter, is a practice.


Once you get this down, it will completely change your life. Channeling is the number one way for me to feel an instant connection with Source, a full integration and alignment with 5D consciousness, and softened clarity on exactly how to bring this energy into my day-to-day interactions.


  • Channeling is actually very grounding because it centers you in the essence of who you are and reminds you of divine perspective as life unfolds on this planet. 


It’s so easy to get caught in the human sauce, but the more you channel the more you attune to the core knowing that everything is energy and infinite possibility is always at your fingertips. It’s just our natural way of being. We have simply forgotten as human beings in a distracted, conditioned, and overstimulating world.


  • Importantly, channeling is not just about bringing through wisdom. It’s a frequency you’re accessing and attuning to.


As you welcome these high vibrations through your field consistently, you’re becoming more and more of a match for raw, unfiltered universal truth. This will be felt by the masses as more and more of us connect to, express, and invite in this energy. 


  • Channeling is tapping into infinite possibility. 


It’s sitting at a round table with the most intelligent beings of this universe. 


It’s matching their vibration to communicate the most expansive, mind-bending, planet-changing technology for Earth to awaken.


Sometimes you’ll speak this out loud and sometimes you will integrate this so deeply that you simply emanate this energy. Either way you are channeling divine energy and universal frequencies into this 3D reality to bring us into a higher state of unity, collaboration, and unconditional love. 


In this special, in person channeling workshop, you will learn:


  •  The difference between receiving universal energy and channeling it


  •  How you are uniquely meant to channel energy


  •  How to channel for others versus channeling for yourself


  •  Troubleshooting channeling for others and channeling for yourself


  •  Expanding your channeling abilities into different dimensions


  •  The impact of channeling on the body and how to best harmonize this


  •  The benefits of channeling, and how to fully bring this into your day-to-day life as a human being


I will be offering teaching and Akashic downloads I’ve received on the channeling process, and will leave space for individual questions on your own, unique channeling experience thus far. 


Everyone channels differently. There isn’t just one way. This workshop is a great way to enhance, refine, and catalyze deeper understanding of your relationship and connection with divine energy. 


Anyone can be a channeling master. It’s all about your ability to open, let go, and receive what’s arriving through you. Many people find this an overwhelming and daunting process, whereas it’s actually super liberating, energizing, confidence-building, and growth-enhancing. 


Allow me to guide and hold you as you extend yourself a bit beyond where you may be accustomed to connecting to this energy, so you can have your mind blown every time you sit down in meditation (if you desire lol)!


Join us to blow the lid off of your capacity to hold energy and activate incredible wisdom that’s just itching to come through. 


It’s all happening Friday, April 26th, at 7:00 pm EST at Well Oiled (102 W Pike St, Canonsburg, PA 15317). I absolutely cannot wait to see you there!


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