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3 Session Package

Let's Dive In so You Can Thrive at Your Highest Potential!

What you'll get:

  • Deep dive into an area you’d like to sustainably clear.

  • Gain greater understanding & intuitive expansion, to secure profound intimacy with yourself, your higher self, and your loved ones.

  • Or Comprehensive business planning and alignment with your soul’s mission through your spiritual work in the world, so you can have all the freedom, vitality, intimacy, and space while expanding your income!


These sessions are intuitively guided, meaning messages come forward from universal energy, which includes but is not limited to The Akashic Records, Reiki, Mother Earth, Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, and occasionally star systems.


All of this energy is the same: It's simply accessed and utilized differently depending on the practitioner. My particular intuitive skills allow me to rapidly and directly access the core of whatever is currently presenting in your life. Core issues often carry themes of self-worth, past life ties, ancestral conditioning, belief systems, and/or traumatic events.


You can choose one specific area to deeply explore and gain mastery, or choose a different intention for each session. I will always recommend using this time for deeper exploration.


The universe holds all the information from our souls: past, present, and future. You will receive messages about what's perfectly aligned for your transformation at this moment. 


This is the most efficient & effective space for healing, business expansion, relationship growth, empowerment, & expansion of abundance.


Several modalities will be used in the sessions as I am called/directed by your guides. These sessions are conducted over Zoom for 60 minutes each. A replay of each session will be provided within 48 hours after meeting.


Please note that 3-Session Packages are for one-time booking only. For continuous care, please book a Connection Call to create a customized plan. 


It's best if you can find a quiet space to conduct sessions, without distraction, so you can devote your full attention to what is coming through. Headphones are advised but not required, depending on your environment.