We all deserve to live as the most authentic version of ourselves. 


We all have the ability to flow with life, rather than against it.

That is what Human Design allows us to do. No more hiding. 

The Rave Mandala, Trademark of the Jovian Archive Corp.

The Rave Mandala, Trademark of the Jovian Archive Corp.

What is

Human Design?

The Human Design System is also known as the Science of Differentiation. This is a complex and comprehensive system, created by Ra Uru Hu in the 1980s, that creates a map of how energy uniquely flows within the individual human body, between other humans within communities, and in alignment with the Universe at large. It combines Western Astrology, the Jewish Kaballah (Tree of Life), the Chinese I-Ching, and the Chakra System to create the ultimate blueprint of you. Human Design outlines how you specifically operate at a soul level, how you make decisions, and how you interact and engage with society - ultimately reuniting you with your authentic, inner being.

About Me:

Hello! My name is Cassidy Bell (they/them) and I am a Human Design Reader, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, & Intuitive Healer. 

My passion lies in helping curious humans rediscover their authentic selves and live their truth. Through Human Design, as well as other healing modalities, such as the Akashic Records, I will guide you into deep self-understanding, an inner awakening, and the clarity & energy for fully executing your soul’s purpose. 

I am a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor and have a BA in Sociology & Women/Gender Studies.